MAC – Turning Consumers into Creators

We’re a nation of consumers. Listen to a few tunes or a podcast on the way to work. Read an article online and ‘like’ some glamorous photos on Instagram at lunchtime. Get home and watch a film or catch up on season 1 of the latest Netflix sensation. Every day from early morning until late... Continue Reading →

Comfort Food is Our Default Setting

Birmingham has three Michelin Star restaurants. I’ve been to one of them. It was nice. Pleasant. Agreeable. There were an absurd amount of courses but I was still hungry when I left. It was an oddly unsatisfying experience. It also clarified that comfort food is probably my default setting. Maybe it's everyone's default setting. Last... Continue Reading →

Birmingham at Night

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will have probably figured out that I have a slight obsession with night photography, particularly the city at night. It doesn’t just apply to Birmingham, it could be anywhere. Something about jaunty bright lights contrasting against a dark moody background. The slight sense of danger. Streets and public spaces... Continue Reading →

Innovation at Indian Brewery

It’s the smell that gets you. If your commute home from work is like mine and takes you through the small Livery Street entrance of Snow Hill Station then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Of course you could go back to the humdrum familiarity of your home but there’s this warm aromatic smell permeating... Continue Reading →

Colour and Craft Beer in Birmingham

The Rock&Roll Brewhouse is my favourite bar in Birmingham because there is nowhere else like it in town. On the watering hole spectrum you have a multitude of different flavours, from the traditional rustic pub to the glamourous and characterless high street chain bars to the exposed brick and light bulb craft ale joints that... Continue Reading →

Contentment in Brighton is Easily Found

I recently watched an episode of 'Parts Unknown', filmed in Miami with the late Anthony Bourdain where he asks Iggy Pop to describe his perfect day. Pop spoke about not being on a schedule and the sun appearing as a “hazy tropical orange orb”. Looking back to my first evening in Brighton these words resonated... Continue Reading →

The Trip Within a Trip

I don’t necessarily loathe cars themselves, I just loathe being in them and the myriad other ways they are permanently seared into society. I can appreciate the beauty of finely crafted Italian sports car like a Lamborghini Miura with its curves arcing from the headlights to the taillights or the rugged bravado of a Ford... Continue Reading →

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