The Good, the Bad and the Bland

We need to talk about the 'Paradise developments' and the new look for Centenary Square. What I know about architecture and town planning you could fit on the back of a matchbox but I have some opinions so here they are. Paradise is taking place on the site of the old Birmingham Central Library, a... Continue Reading →

Birmingham’s Five Ugliest Monstrosities

Roll up! Roll up! It’s a carnival of concrete! The last few years has seen the long overdue levelling of some Birmingham’s most wretched structures such as the Bullring, New St Station and Central Library but there are still a few more hideous edifices dotted around the city that have long outstayed their welcome in... Continue Reading →

How Not to Return Home

Disclaimer: The photos included here are from my trip and have absolutely nothing to do with the shambles described below I don’t recommend carrying heavy objects around Leicester Square at 7am wearing only your pyjamas. It’s not the way a wonderful 2 ½ week holiday to Australia book-ended by Hong Kong and Singapore should end.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Night in the Balti Triangle

To booze or not to booze? This was the question I suddenly had to ponder while shivering on the steps leading up to Adil’s on Stoney Lane, one of the great stalwarts of Birmingham’s famous Balti Triangle. It’s BYOB here so I felt pressed into making a snap decision. I chose to decline. Surely an... Continue Reading →

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